Remodelling a UFO Interceptor

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Remodelling Dinky’s UFO Interceptor

In the 1970/80's, the TV series "UFO" was a popular hit coming from the stables of Gerry Anderson. Using actors rather than puppets produced more realism with a set of characters that brought the storylines alive. Having found the series being shown on U-Tube I reverted to watching what was one of my favourite childhood programs. Produced in the 1970’s the storyline was set in the near future. A top secret organisation (Shado) protected the people of Earth against alien intrusions. The first line of defence was a Moon base as Earth’s outpost. Key to Earth’s defence was the interceptors flying from this base.
A toy of the interceptor was produced by "Dinky" toys and while close in shape it was in a colour scheme and markings that never represented its appearance in the series. Having bought one on ebay, I decided to rework it to more accurately represent the original. The missile was missing and a resin replacement was also purchased.

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