Welcome to Gravesham Military Modelling Society

Gravesham Military Modelling Society was established by two brothers Colin and Barry Bowen back in 1982, both local business men with a keen interest in all things military, already members of the BMSS, Colin decided to place an advert in the local paper inviting new members along we a view to establishing a local independent military model club, the rest as the say is history.

Colin remained chairman for nearly ten years upon his passing Jean Bickerstaff became our Chair Lady and matriarch up until 2011 where after serving in various other posts on the committee Gary Norris became Chairman. At the end of 2014 Gary handed over the reins to Clive Creer, who is our current Chairman.

The clubs core values remain the same, primarily to remain independent while promoting the hobby both here and abroad.

Gravesham attend a variety of shows throughout the year encompassing figures, AFVs, aircraft, maritime and Sci Fi, our membership stands at 40 plus members with a growing junior section.