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Evening All,

I am going off at a bit of a tangent at the moment because I am taking part in a GB on another site - prototypes, etc. I have been a bit stuck with the BE 2a for a number of reasons and need something to get my motivation moving. In addition I am having problems sanding and filing because I have a shoulder problem which is being diagnosed, (probably arthritis). I have managed to mould the halves for the upper wing of the BE 2a at last but they will need quite a lot of filing and filling, followed by sanding and I can only cope with short periods of that. Progress is inevitably slow and a bit demoralising as after several sessions there is little to show for the effort. I decided that I needed a small side project which would not take so long and get some faster results. I am continuing with the BE and hope to post something in the not-too-distant future.

In the meantime I have started an Albatros CII: a pusher (of course) of which only one prototype was built. There are no drawings that I can find but there are 5 photos of the type at flyingmachines.ru/Site2/Crafts/Craft25754.htm
Basically the wings were taken from a CI and the forward fuselage was reversed and shortened so that the engine was at the rear and the pilot's cockpit was in the nose. In the CII the pilot was placed in the rear cockpit and observer in front. The undercarriage was from a CI but the booms and tail unit were new. I have the dimensions of the CII and I have drawn my own plans from existing CI plans and the published CII dimensions: it is the best anyone can do.

I have cut wing blanks from 30 thou card which has been bent in a pipe and added the ribs from 10 x 20 thou Evergreen strip. In the image below the three stages of wing construction are shown:
top - complete with ribs sanded and trailing edge scalloped;
bottom right - ribs attached and trimmed but not sanded;
bottom left - ribs added but not trimmed.

Thanks for looking.


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